Three epic ways to feel beautiful about yourself with Qurez

Three epic ways to feel beautiful about yourself with Qurez

A girl stands everyday in front of the mirror and starts saying, "I wish I could be this size, I wish I could change the complexion of my skin, I wish I could do something to my lips, I wish I could have flawless skin like supermodels or my favourite celebrities, and it goes on! Do you know who this girl is? 

It is each and everyone one of us who have this mind conversations with our selves every second or minute! 

So I tried to understand why girls think in this way! Why are they not happy and why are they always comparing themselves with others?

It's ingrained in our society that we have to act and look in a particular way. We can't be too ambitious, we can't be independent, we can't be too short or too tall, we can't be too thin or too fat, we can't be dusky or dark, and the list goes on! We are becoming prey to these obscene standards but its time to shatter those because we need to appreciate, love and care for our natural beauty and our natural self rather than changing it! 

So, Qurez, which is a strong advocate for staying true to ones natural beauty wants to share three epic ways to feel beautiful in your natural body and self!  


Don't try being anybody, just be you!

"Why can't you try to be like that one, see how perfect she is! Why can't you be and act like a lady, why are you so loud, why so shy, why so outspoken, why too courageous, why too brave and most of all "Why too ambitious, anyway you will have to sit at home after marriage while your husband earns!"

Oh my God! I am sure that every single girl has gone through this and you know what? Just be you! No matter what others say, just be yourself. By trying to be like someone else and changing your qualities you are just losing your uniqueness. 

Be Joyous, Be Ambitious and Be Outspoken!  

Feel Beautiful 

Feel Beautiful in your natural skin

We always focus on looking beautiful but always fail to feel beautiful! What is beautiful? Your natural beauty in which you were born with is beautiful, nobody can carry off your natural beauty with confidence but only you!

So you, my dear beauty, just love yourself for who you are, whatever skin complexion, body size, body shape, you are living in, trust me, it's beautiful! 

Beauty exists in every skin tone, body type and body size! 


Stay confident in your natural skin

Confidence is the key to capture anything in life! Once you accept your body, skin tone, size, you can walk it off with confidence, you will make everyone look at you in awe! 

First, to boost up your self-esteem, accept your natural self and features, show some love and care towards it and then see how your self-esteem instantly builds up to carry your natural beauty with confidence!

In a way, carrying your natural beauty with confidence, you are creating a chain reaction by making other people feel confident about themselves by looking at you!

Confidence is the key to everything! 

Qurez, does not only exist to bring skin cures for your skin issues, we are also here to make you fall in love with your natural skin thus shattering the obscene beauty standards which we are bounded by! #qurezforeverybeauty 
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