Who says brown or dark beauties can't carry off bright lipsticks!

Who says brown or dark beauties can't carry off bright lipsticks!

Have you ever been in that moment when you have applied a bright lipstick but often get criticised or lectured about how bright lipsticks don't suit brown or dark skin! To be frank, I have been in that situation. I cannot tell you how annoying and upsetting it is when people say that only dark lipstick shades go well on my brown skin.

Well, I am going to prove those people wrong and show them how brown and dark or any other coloured beauties like me can pull off bright coloured lipsticks!

Beauties, it’s time to stock on some bright lipsticks!

Red goes well on every skin complexion

Yes girl! It's bright red lipstick on her beautiful dark skin. I have always been told that girls with dark complexion can't carry off bright red lipstick and most girls of my complexion start believing it like it is the gospel truth!

But this girl is proving it wrong! Just look at how she carries off that classic red with confidence on her face. You go girl!

Luscious pink lips  

Whoever said that pink does not suit on a brown skin, think again people! 

Oh how I am really sorry for keeping my lips away from this beautiful pink lipstick. Don't worry lips, this pink shade will be all over you in just a few seconds! 

Lemon yellow on my lips 

This is one of the most brightest lipstick shade I have come across and I assure you that girls like me would have never even thought of applying this bright yellow lemony shade, but this beauty has shattered the myth of bright shades not going well on dark complexions!

Girls, it's time to make some space for this lemony yellow shade. 

Rock this magenta shade

Is it the magenta lipstick or her confidence that is making her look beautiful, I guess it's both! 

Complete your natural look with this beautiful magenta pink shade. 

Bright blue it is!  

Oh my, look at this fearless girl rocking this bright blue shade which resembles the blue ocean.

Girls after looking at this model will be like "I can't keep my lips away from this bright blue lipstick!"

Ahem...rock this boss look with nude lips!

With goggles on her face and nude lipstick on her pouty lips, she is all set for showtime. 

This fearless beauty gives you the vibe of how confident you should be with your skin complexion and also the bright nude lipstick on your lips!

Though there is a huge contrast between her skin tone and the lipstick shade, but guess what! Opposite colours do attract each other. 

Captivate everyone with this turquoise blue shade 

RiRi has already captivated us with her beautiful voice but now she is making us swoon with her lipstick line which is made for all skin tones and especially for brown and dark complexions which were absent in the market for a very long time!

Now you can own this mesmerising turquoise blue shade from her makeup line 'fentybeauty'!

Look effortless in this lilac lipstick shade

She carries this effortless lilac shade with a tinge of confidence.

Well the next time, if someone tells or lectures you about how bright lipstick does not go well on a dark complexion, just pull out your lilac lipstick and prove them wrong! 

 Oh my, that papaya plush matte!

Girls! this is our go to lipstick shade for any occasion, now i'm convinced that bright lipsticks are also made for brown and dark complexions.

So bright and matte, you have got no reason why you can't try this lipstick shade!

Another bright shade in my lipstick collection 

If 'I don't care for applying a bright orange lipstick on my lips' had a face.

I can already see you beauties adding this exotic orange lipstick in your cart and why not!

It gets more brighter and brighter 

The critics have already shushed down looking at this bright lipstick on this beautiful dark girl. 

If she can pull off this lipstick colour, so can anybody! 

To all the beauties who have read this blog, I have something to say, "It does get brighter than this!" Take some time out from those dark lipstick shades. Don't you ever shy away from applying these shades or maybe even brighter than these and slay your critics as well! 


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