Winter skin & hair woes - Why does it occur & how to treat them!

Winter skin & hair woes - Why does it occur & how to treat them!

In these cold chilly winters, there seems to be always an increase in hair and skin problems. From dry skin to chapped lips, acne, dry scalp, dandruff, frizzy hair, and much more! These highly visible problems might leave you frustrated and worried. Because taming frizzy hair and dealing with dry skin with layers of beauty products takes a village.  

The problems may seem endless, but anything is solvable once you know the why’s and how’s of the same. 

What are some of the major Winter concerns 

Dry Skin

Hand holding tightly on its body

Does rubbing your hands together sound like radio static in winters?
Are you tired of your skin feeling like sandpaper? If yes then you have the classic case of dry skin. 

Dry skin is extremely common in winters. The harsh winds, changing temperature from humid indoors to cold outdoors and the lower humidity in the atmosphere don’t favor skin which is not moisturized and hydrated.
To understand why this happens we need to understand how moisturization works in general.

Our skin usually traps the moisture supplied to it. This moisture in simpler terms can come from the air or lotions. In winters, even if the air is saturated enough or holds enough water, due to the colder climate it loses the moisture as fog. This would mean if you are outside, your skin might be able to quench its thirst on a normal day. But on windy days and heated indoors when the humidity is negligible that is when the real problem arises. Not only does the climate but the hot showers that you take and the clothes you wear also result in dry & itchy skin. 

Chapped lips

Woman with dry lips

Chapped lips in winters is another common and visible problem to the public eye. Dryness, cracks, peeling, bleeding, redness, stinging are some of the symptoms of chapped lips. If not taken proper care of! Chapped lips can worsen and be extremely painful.

The reasons for chapped lips are usually the same as that for dry skin like the harsh climate, low humidity, and chilly winds. However the lack of oil glands on lips are also a huge factor for making the lips dry because they don`t have any source of self moisturization, their normal dependency is usually the atmosphere. Not only this, the frequent colds we catch this season also make our lips dry.

Above that the habit of licking lips is quite common. It is unknown to the public how this activity only damages the lips further as saliva contains enzymes that are irritating to lips.


Woman looking at her skin in the mirror

Acne formations usually increase in winters. A lot of people experience more acne during the winters than summers even though the amount of sun exposure and sweat produced in summers might suggest otherwise.

This happens because our skin dries up in winters. To fight this our skin cells over-secrete sebum with hopes of moisturizing the skin. This only results in clogging of pores thus causing acne breakouts. Not only this, the hot showers you take make it even worse as they dry up your skin which triggers the release of more sebum to keep your skin moisturized.


Woman in fully winter clothes looking at glaciers

Windburn is a condition that results in burning and redness of your skin after you spend time in the chilly outdoors. The symptoms of the same include parts of your face turning red and being sensitive to touch. It might also start peeling after some time.

This phenomenon is more common in the higher altitudes or places with extremely cold weather conditions. It is caused by the harsh sun rays and the snow in such areas reflects 80% of the sunlight hence contributing to windburn. Many researchers however believe that windburn is solely caused due to extremely dry skin and lack of oil in the skin due to the chilly winds. 

Whatever may be the cause, be it the sun rays or chilly winds, the best way to protect yourself is to moisturize and wear sunscreen.

Cracked heels

Hand brushing a leg with a long brush

Cracked heels are just another symptom of extremely dry skin which come to life in winters. This skin condition is a huge hassle as they generally tear through your socks and stockings and make it uncomfortable to walk. 

Athletes or people with extreme workout routines and dancers also get a severe case of cracked heels from time to time. Moisturization is usually the only way out. However, rubbing pumice stone from time to time is also a great help.

Dry scalp

Woman with hand in her hair

Dry scalp is the front runner of winter problems. In winters, the air is so dry that it sometimes literally squeezes out moisture from our hair and skin. Not to mention how chilly the winds are.

People usually use the words dry scalp and dandruff interchangeably, however they are not the same. Dandruff is only one of the many symptoms of dry scalp.

Dry scalp however makes your hair feel lifeless and dull. It even results in hair loss in extreme cases. Dry scalp also increases the chances of itchiness.

The obvious choice to tackle the same is nourishment and oiling your hair.


Woman with long hair in a pink top

As mentioned earlier, dandruff is a common symptom of dry scalp. The reasons of the same are dry air and hats! Yes, hats! 

Dandruff causing microbes thrive at higher temperatures hence wearing hats only worsens the condition. And of course the dry chilly air results in a flaky scalp. 

Some common ways to combat dandruff are:

  • Drinking more water 
  • Combing your hair with a wood comb - this increases blood circulation and hence secretion of oils which keep your scalp healthy
  • Oiling
  • Cutting down on sugar - sugar results in increase of oily flakes
  • Avoiding direct heat

Matted Hair 

Woman in a red dress holding her hair

Be it laziness or layers of hoodies, scarfs and caps, your hair is bound to get severely matted in winters. Our winter clothes are usually heavy and thick and not very hair- friendly. Not only do they provide static energy but also leave your hair tangled for days.

Some simple solution of the same is putting your hair in a braid or bun. Detangling your hair before you hit the shower or using volume inducing products can be of great help!

Static and frizzy hair

Woman with closed eyes touching her hair

Of course with the dry scalp and matted hair comes the frizz. Frizzy hair can be hard to deal with. Frizz can make your hair weak and brittle.

Here are some ways that can help you in tackling the frizz:

  • Quit the hairdryer! - winters are not the time you should have a hairdryer around
  • Use a hair mask with great oils like Jojoba, Rosehip etc
  • Go for frizz control shampoos

Thin strands and hair loss

Woman in a black jacket with her hair flowing across her face

It is quite obvious that if your hair is already going through so much it is bound to get thinner and eventually fall. Hair loss is always at rise especially during fall/autumn. 

Sometimes this hair loss might just be the part of your natural shedding process that occurs yearly so as to welcome new hair. However if you see an abnormal amount of hair on your brush or in the shower your scalp needs some nourishing. Oiling and using the right products goes a long way.

What products can help me fight all these problems?

We at Qurez have taken note of the above skin & hair conditions and have just the right products for the same. All the below suggested products are vegan & cruelty free! 

Hydrating Moisturizer with Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid 


This hydrating moisturizer is great for keeping your skin soft and supple.
This product helps lock moisture in your skin preventing any kinds of dryness caused by the chilly winds or dry atmosphere. Not only that it is suitable for all skin types and doesn't contain any harsh ingredients which will worsen or create other skin conditions such as acne, dark spots etc.

JoRo oil (Face-Cum-Hair oil)


This plant based oil has only two ingredients - Jojoba and Rosehip oil.
It is great for both skin and hair as it helps 

  • treat dry scalp
  • moisturize skin
  • reduce signs of aging
  • prevent acne
  • fight hair loss
  • reduce frizz and much more

Suitable for all skin types and free from any harmful ingredients this product is your one-stop quick fix.

Mattifying Sunscreen (Hybrid + Mineral)


Your skin needs sunscreen all year-round and to prevent any cases of windburn or even sun burn these two sunscreen variants are great for you!

Both the sunscreen variants are efficient in shielding your skin from skin damage, tanning, hyperpigmentation and redness. This product will solve all your sun-related worries.

Almond, Pomegranate, Carrot seed
Lip oil Roll On


This roll on is great at fixing those chapped lips and keeping your lips supple and moist. It also reduces pigmentation and nourishes your lips with required moisturizing and nourishing plant based oils.

Bakuchiol Revitalizing Facial Oil


Packed in an environment-friendly box which consists of plant seeds, this oil is great for fighting acne, reducing signs of aging, moisturizing your skin and making it glow. 

Bakuchiol oil is considered a natural alternative to retinol hence this oil is great for reducing hyperpigmentation and providing that even skin tone.

Activated Charcoal scrub mask


Great for unclogging your pores and treating acne. This product is a mask & scrub too. It also helps boost collagen production as it has Vitamin C.
This product is suitable for all skin types and free of  Parabens, Phthalates, Artificial fragrance and any other source of irritation. 

Hempseed, Kalonji & Babchi & hair treatment oil


This hair treatment oil helps in fighting hair loss, reducing dandruff and taming that frizz! It also helps prevent premature greying of hair.

Not only does it consists the three major oils that is Hempseed, Kalonji & Babchi but also has multiple other oils - like sweet almond oil, walnut oil, sunflower oil, hibiscus oil, rosemary oil & infusions like nettle, spikenard, bay leaf etc.

Lavender and Vegan Keratin shampoo bar


This eco-friendly shampoo bar helps treat dandruff, hair thinning and flaky scalp. Not only that it helps accelerate hair growth and calms your scalp.
An excellent alternative to the expensive chemical hair treatments available in the market, this bar also helps prevent oil buildup and leaves your hair shiny and glossy.

7 herbs shampoo bar with Tea Tree & Lemongrass


This shampoo bar is enriched with 7 herbs and helps fight multiple scalp & hair problems. It consists of -

  • Bhringraj: helps treat dandruff and dry scalp.
  • Shikkakai: nourishes your hair and makes them shiny.
  • Brahmi: helps accelerate hair growth.
  • Reetha: makes your hair soft.
  • Neem: helps fight dandruff.
  • Amla: helps reduce premature greying of hair
  • Basil: moisturizes and strengthens the hair strands. 

These are the many wonders this shampoo bar performs while being non-irritant and sulphate free at the same time.

De-tangling Neem wood comb


You can say good bye to your hair problems with this environment friendly, wide-toothed comb. It helps prevent static hair, minimizes hair fall and detangles hair easily.

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