Witnessing the worst Amazon fire ever, here's how we can save our Earth in small ways!

Witnessing the worst Amazon fire ever, here's how we can save our Earth in small ways!

Amazon wildfire

The world came to a stand still when the world's largest forest which is also termed as the Earth's lungs, Amazon forest, was caught in the worst wildfires ever witnessed! The blazing fire went on and on and destroyed everything that came in it's way. Thousands of flora and fauna indigenous to that forest were wiped out within minutes, many indigenous tribes were forced to leave their lands and search for safer ones! 

What really went wrong that the forest was set ablaze? Was it just an accident or was somebody to be blamed? Surely it was not an accident and the people to be blamed for this worst wildfire would be 'HUMANS', who profusely turned a blind eye on the effect of deforestation, the amount of garbage mountains which are increasing day by day and the conversion of forests into huge ranches for cattle grazing and agricultural lands without even balancing the amount of forests cut! 

Carbon-dioxide emissions from the fires for clearing forests over the years also played a big role, the amount of heat which was generated over the years couldn't get contained by the ozone layer and couldn't be absorbed and since the layer is depleting at a faster rate the Carbon-dioxide and other gases trap harmful radiations of the Sun and heat up the atmosphere which results in melting icebergs, snow caps, and also forest fires which is extremely difficult to control! This contributes to climate change and also affects our health to a greater extent.

The damage has been done, the question is can we still do something about this issue? Yes we can, in smalls if not in a big way! We can adopt environment friendly ways in our daily lives to save our planet Earth! 

4 Eco-friendly ways to adopt!!

1. The Jute way of shopping!

The Jute way of shopping!

Jute, the star plant which everyone can be seen carrying around in the form of a bag, especially, lunch bags and grocery bags. Jute bags are long lasting and Eco-friendly too! Jute bags are bio-degradable due to which it easily breaks down when it meets the Earthy mud. 

So stop carrying those toxic plastic bags and carry a Jute bag to carry your stuff around! 

2. Carry thy own water in one bottle and refill

Use BPA free bottles

I know, I Know, we have heard a lot of this, but it's very economical and produces less trash. Make sure you use Eco-friendly bottles which are BPA-free. BPA (Bisphenol A) is found to cause many health problems, one of them is, infertility in humans! 

Alternatives to BPA bottles are bottles made of aluminium and glass which are easily heated and can be molded again in different shapes and sizes. And the most important thing, always carry your own bottle and refill it when there are possibilities of refilling than buying hundreds of bottles per day! 

 3. Make your own veggie garden!!!

Grow your won veggies

How cool is that? Having your own garden! You can grow vegetables which only need minimal space and certain amount of water. Growing your own vegetables, how is this benefiting the planet? Yes it is, just imagine people all over the world growing their own vegetables, there won't be a need to cut down a lot of trees to make agricultural lands and only a few crops would be needed to be grown on these lands because it cannot be grown at home! 

 Here are some veggies which you can grow in minimal spaces - 

1. Lettuce
2. Tomatoes
3. Chillies
4. Coriander
5. Mint

4. Decrease your carbon-footprint

 Walk! Walk! Walk

We are all aware how vehicles emit toxic gases in the atmosphere, and since there so less trees to absorb these harmful gases they are all in the atmosphere and is also the main reason for depleting the oxygen content in the air thus causing many respiratory diseases. Not only health hazards but these gases get mixed with the atmosphere which also causes acid rain which then affects the soil and decreases its fertility making it hard for trees to grow on such soil.

There's a best way we can decrease our carbon-footprint, which is, walking or bicycling. Walking is the most simplest way of reducing our carbon-footprint, cycles are environment friendly and take very less space when we cycle. We should also switch to public transport rather than taking our own vehicles to work or to college or while going to the market!

Look at what we have lost!

 Just look at what we have lost! We won't get this back ever again

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