Beauty - Beyond Skin, Hair & Body!

Beauty - Beyond Skin, Hair & Body!

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They say “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” Well, it would not be wrong to say that beauty lies in the eyes of the believer! We all have come across beauty tips and suggestions that encourage us to become more ‘ beautiful ’ and attractive in the world’s eyes.

However, it is the power within us that makes us beautiful and adorable in all aspects. As the world steps into the rat race of trying out different beauty products, one should let the feeling of inner beauty sink in and realize that beauty is beyond your skin, hair & body. First things first, beauty care does not equate to flawless skin or shiny hair. It is much more than that. 

Ever heard someone saying, “I am feeling beautiful today!”? To feel beautiful is to feel happy from within that comes along with a deeper understanding of your true self.

While the conventional society surrounds us with all the obscene beauty standards, we are here with you to shatter them all, one by one! For us to achieve this, let's start loving our true self. Thus, keeping one’s soul beautiful is the sole purpose of our lives. And how do we do that? 


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A healthy lifestyle is a happy lifestyle. A beautiful soul is much more than just doing tons of makeovers to our skin & hair. Instead, it is beginning your day with a peaceful purpose, inaugurating the day with a soulful activity, and ending it with gratitude and gaiety.

It’s often said that the beginning of a day defines the rest of it. Perhaps it is very crucial for everyone to hook on to that particular activity that makes them happy. Be it watering your plants or working out, a day must begin with a beautiful venture.

Apart from the lifestyle that one must have in order to be beautiful from within, one should always thrive for betterment. Imagine going out for a walk and not moving forward. Sounds weird, right? Likewise, it is weird to stay stagnant in our lives.

From the moment a child is born, she/he thrives to be the better version of who she/he is. Therefore, it would be nonviable to be beautiful if a person was not progressing or moving forward. A major factor when it comes to progress is mental health. 


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Mental well-being has recently been talked about with the increase in awareness related to it. As more and more mental health advocates are speaking about the essence of having a better mental health, the masses are coming to know about the same. This means that a person has to be empowered from within in order to feel powerful holistically.

Having beautiful thoughts is not the only way to do this. One has to throw away negativity from his/her life, accept reality, and let his/her emotions sink in. Life is full of ups and downs, and so should be your day. However, it must never push you down. And for this, you have to be beautiful, on the inside and outside! 

While penning down this blog, we were puzzled between 2 things - should we encourage you to be more holistically beautiful or praise you for the journey you’ve been on so far. The answer is we are going to do both. And so should you! Never let yourself down, never settle for less, and never undermine your abilities. Stepping stones are important for your journey, they make you struggle and shine through! Hence, always celebrate your ‘beauty’ and never let that charm go away.  

Another aspect of being ‘beautiful’ is to be bountiful! Generosity and gratitude are the two most uplifting emotions that help a human rise above. Nonetheless, it is easier said than done. Be grateful for whatever happens to you. Be grateful for the roof above your head, food on your plate, and clothes in your almirah. Since we have already mentioned food, we would like to stop right here. 


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Food is an integral part of human life. Without food, a human starves to death. But without hope, a human starves to nonexistence. In a way, both food and hope are similar. Henceforth, it is vital for an individual to have a good diet, take care of their food habits, and eat well. But that does not mean that one should isolate oneself from all those yummy cravings. Meditate in moderation and life will become easier. Anything in excess becomes harmful. So, choose your food habits wisely, eat with a healthy and happy mind to have a healthy body. 

Eat, think, exercise, work, repeat. The world is a place for you to rise and shine. Be beautiful in your own form and the world will appreciate it. For all those who stress over their skin filled with blemishes or dark spots, for all those feeling sad because their hair does not look good, it is high time that you let those feelings go away and cherish what you have at present. Cherish the beauty that is right by your side and everything will fall in place. Help your body grow, glow, and grasp the positivity in the air. Live freely, love yourself freely! 


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The parameters mentioned above are more than what you have likely heard of. Till now, we are sure you would have considered beauty as blemish-less skin and flawless hair. Yet, it certainly is more than that.

All in all, our beauty is simply beyond our bodies. It does not matter if there are bumps on your skin. What matters is that you grow through the actual bumps that lead to your survival in life. Just like the rays of the sun fill us with energy,
fill your heart with kindness and compassion to have more than just beauty.

Wonder what would have happened if your house was beautiful on the outside and breaking apart on the inside. EXACTLY! In the end, our beautiful faces will be long gone, but our beautiful life will live on. 

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