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As the summer season is paving its way through the flowery spring season, it is time for us to take a tour around some locally available fruits and vegetables that will help us to stay fit and hydrated this summer season. While ice creams and soft drinks can beat the heat for a short period of time, too much consumption of such items can also lead to health hazards. Perhaps the scorching heat of the sun calls for healthy fruits and vegetables that will do the magic and keep us all hydrated and healthy throughout!

Here are some locally available fruits and vegetables to keep you hydrated in summer.  


Few slices of ripe yellow Pineapple

Pineapple is one of the most loved fruits among all. From kids to adults, almost everyone likes to have a bite of pineapple in the scorching heat. While the sun makes us run out of water content, this fruit can help do the magic of adding water within an instant! With over 87% water content, pineapple is one of the richest fruits when it comes to water content. 

So, it is for sure that pineapple can be your go-to buddy when summer gets harsh on your body. In addition, the refreshing taste can help one to deal that summer weariness within seconds.


A hand with a glove holding a bundle of Spinach

A green-leafy vegetable, spinach is known for its minerals and vitamins.
A vegetable rich in nutrients, spinach is also rich in water content. Consists up to 93% water, Spinach is regarded as a must for a healthy diet by dietitians and people from all around the world. Furthermore, the vegetable is rich in antioxidants too that makes it a very popular choice for skincare and a healthy metabolism. Spinach, as experts suggest, is a must when the question is how to tackle the scorch of the sun in summers. Perhaps it would be safe to say that Spinach is the top-most choice for keeping yourself hydrated during the summer season.


A collection of white Cauliflowers

Rich in nutrients and water, Cauliflower is yet another vegetable that can help you stay hydrated when the sun rays aren't ready to spare you! With over 90% of water content, Cauliflower is highly recommendable in summer diets.
This is a top-notch veggie option for looking to raise your body's water content in summer.

Other than its expertise in keeping you hydrated, the vegetable is also full of fiber that keeps the body metabolism healthy and happy. However, one should not consume excess of it, or else it can lead to bloating or other body issues.


A purple Eggplant resting on a plate

Also known by the name of Aubergine or Brinjal, this vegetable is rich in carbohydrates and water (92%). An Eggplant a day can keep dehydration away! Heat strokes are a common thing in the season and one would want to avoid fainting due to the sun’s hot rays. Therefore, the solution to this problem is to consume Eggplant in moderation and keep it in your diet throughout the summer season.

Other than keeping yourself hydrated, Eggplants are also great at reducing heart diseases, thus saving your medical bills and giving you a longer life!  


Two ripe watermelon halves on a white plate

It is essential for us to consume Melons (be it muskmelon or watermelon) as they are extremely rich in water content considering that they constitute more than 90% water. With so much water to offer, melons are a great choice to keep yourself hydrated and healthy during the summer season. Moreover, Melons are rich in Vitamin A that makes them utterly beneficial for the eyes, skin, and overall health. Include Melons in your summer diet and look at the amazing benefits it has to offer your body. 

Also, don’t forget to binge on some Melons and consume them in large quantities to increase your body's hydration levels this summer. One of the best fruits of all, Watermelon in particular offers more than just keeping us hydrated that makes them so much more desirable than ever!


Slices of ripe orange Papaya

It is a known fact that Papaya helps one to stay fit and fine. Helpful in clearing out toxins from the stomach, Papaya is also very rich in water content.
With up to 90% water in it, Papaya is full of nutrients and is surely to be consumed in a season where the temperatures are going this high!

Although sun-screens and shades help a lot during the season, Papaya can be more helpful than just saving your skin from the heat by plumping your skin cells with water thereby strengthening the skin barrier leading to healthier skin.
Full of fiber, the fruit can do wonders and is absolutely recommended for summer.


A group of green Cucumbers

It is well-known that Cucumber is 95% water and 5% nutrition. Then what are we waiting for? With summer making its way through the spring season, it becomes a necessity that all shopping bags get loaded with Cucumbers that will eventually turn out to be life saviours.

While air conditioners can give you short-term comfort, Cucumbers are sure to stay by your side and provide your body with a refreshing environment.
Great for your skin and body, Cucumbers are the ultimate choice when it comes to keeping ourselves hydrated and full of nutrients.


A collection of ripe red Tomatoes

Rich in taste, Tomatoes are also very rich in water content. While Tomatoes can help you bring that tangy taste in your pasta sauce, it can also help you to ace those levels of hydration that are much needed during summer. High in Vitamin C, Tomatoes are an all-rounder and can absolutely be your go-to friend in the summer season. Easily available and affordable, Tomatoes should be on your shopping list this summer season and every summer season, too! Rich in antioxidants, Tomatoes can help you in other aspects as well and hence assist you in becoming healthier. 


A group of green Bell peppers

Bell peppers or locally known as Capsicum, come in different colours and with different nutrients. Yet the most common nutrient they have is water. With over 90% water in its composition, Bell pepper is another go to choice in veggie section to increase your water intake. A vital part of a balanced diet,
Bell peppers are also helpful in keeping one’s body hydrated throughout the day. 

High in Vitamin B, Bell peppers tend to reduce chances of cancer and make the eyesight stronger. With so many benefits attached to one vegetable, it is quite obvious that your vegetable vendor is going to sell you some Bell peppers during this summer.


A plate with cut Mango slices

Much loved for its sweet taste and finger-licking essence, Mango is an admirable fruit. People from all around the world await the summer season just to enjoy the taste of Mango and cherish it in different forms. Other than its lovable taste, Mango is also very popular because of its rich water content.
With more than 80% water capacity, Mango is highly beneficial in summers, especially when the sun is too ruthless. So, the next time you leave your home smiling that you had some tasty Mangoes in your breakfast, feel happy that you also succeeded in keeping yourself hydrated through the day as well!

Hop on to fresh supply of these locally available fruits and vegetables and remember to eat them on regular intervals. To beat this summer, one has to keep all guards up and befriend healthy fruits and vegetables!

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