HOLI during Pandemic - Celebrating the safe way & having fun!

HOLI during Pandemic - Celebrating the safe way & having fun!

A person with full of colour during Holi

Holi, the festival of colors and joy is known for its joyful celebrations and
splish-splashing of colors. Irrespective of their caste, creed, or color, people from all around commemorate the festival of Holi by putting colors on each other’s faces and wishing and greeting each other with warmth and love. The essence of sweets, splashing colors and sky-high enthusiasm is all one can see on the day the festival is celebrated.

One of the major reasons why India is considered to be full of life is because of joyful festivals. Holi is one of the most awaited festivals where in people wait for this festival eagerly and enjoy it to their core. From streets to houses, children to adults, almost everyone celebrates the festival with a similar kind of happiness and craze. There is no doubt that the festival marks the arrival of the spring season, and it is due to this significance that the festival brings so much joy and happiness to all faces.

The hype around Holi derives from its celebrations that give rise to love, laughter, and liveliness. Bringing everyone together and adding colors to their lives, the festival has an enormous value in people’s lives. One of the most breath-taking festivals from all around the world, Holi, has gradually made its way into the international realm too!


A woman wearing a white mask

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the world seems to be cautious yet be careful of its moves. While some countries have surpassed the second wave of Covid-19, some other nations are in the midst of tackling the second wave. In light of such a haywire situation, the common masses are willing to break open the shackles of the new normal and wish to lead their lives as they used to do in the earlier times.

As the zestful festival of Holi is here, people in the country are eager and energetic to celebrate the festival of colors with much happiness and prosperity. However, with the Covid-19 buzz going all around people seem to be scared more than ecstatic. The road to happiness is uncertain at this point in time.

As the festival has already made its mark today, there is much confusion as to how the masses should proceed with their celebrations and enjoy the season. Furthermore, the issue of sustainability that arises from the fact that festival celebrations lead to the wastage of gallons of water compels us to rethink the way it should be celebrated.

Although the festival undoubtedly adds joy and zest to all our lives, it is also important for all to transform the way we celebrate it with respect to the ongoing crisis of a global pandemic. The year 2020 has been a challenging year for all and the global pandemic has already affected the festival season once. So, it becomes crucial for all to follow the safety norms and celebrate the festival with utmost happiness and health! Indeed, the challenging scenario calls for an evolved form of celebrations. As the new norms have set in, so should a new way of celebration which will only benefit humans in the long run. As the need of the hour is to bid adieu to age-old traditions, the current era calls forth contemporary norms that will help us adapt and adjust for our betterment. 



A plate with 4 sets of different holi colours

As festival has already arrived, people ponder over new ways to celebrate the festival. Although some might feel nostalgic and would want to play Holi the old school way, it is best if the new norms are kept in mind and adhered to. As the world is still eyeing a global pandemic, people have only one way to lead their lives- adapt to the new norms. In light of this, Holi 2021 is going to be no less than a fun event. But the festival will have to be celebrated with caution and care, and in a viable way too. This means that the occasion of Holi 2021 shall see new dawn wherein people will practice safety and sustainability. From social distancing to mandatory masks, people must act responsibly and stick to the norms that have proven to be helpful in containing the spread of coronavirus.

Two hands with purple colour on them

In addition, the feasible way to play Holi while there is no scope for contact is to stay away from water so as to reduce its wastage and bring in a sustainable trend for celebrating the festival. Some might feel awful to celebrate the festival in such a way and might call it a ‘dull day’, however, the current scenario and the accompanying occlusions call for a solution of such a kind. Celebrating the festival in a feasible way will include playing a dry Holi, using natural or herbal colors, keeping stray animals safe and sound, and putting a halt to the use of plastic. Such measures will only be viable for people in the long run and will also help us to save our environment and our loved ones. For centuries, the festival has contributed to the deterioration of our planet, and now is the time to conserve it using such methods. Had it not been a reckless use of natural resources, the world would still have a long way to go in terms of survival.
Until festivals like Holi are celebrated in a fun-filled yet feasible way, humans will continue to exhaust natural resources. Perhaps it is crucial that Holi 2021 be celebrated in an environment-friendly way so that thousands of such festivals can be celebrated with humor and happiness!

A sustainable and safe Holi will not only satisfy the contemporary requirements but, will also help us to take a step forward towards environmental betterment and drive us in the right direction. That said, a fun yet feasible way engages people in a round of celebrations that will allow them to keep a distance from the virus and influence them to opt for sustainable trends.



Here are some key takeaways that we can draw from the content mentioned above. While the world is battling against the war with a virus and environmental degradation, it is the utmost duty of humans to save our planet from the scourge of global warming. What better way there is than to celebrate our festivals in a safe and sustainable way so as to keep the smiles up yet bring in a responsible way of celebrations! This time, let us play Holi 2021 with cheers and herbal colors splashing through. Let us get together, eat sweets, and spread tons of positivity around with our loved ones. It is surely the time to welcome the festivities with fun and feasibility!

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