How can Yoga be helpful for those working from home?

How can Yoga be helpful for those working from home?


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An ancient form of exercise that has its origin in the country of India, Yoga is an amalgamation of breathing exercises, body movements, and meditation.
A highly beneficial practice of exercise, Yoga has its roots in connecting the mind and body through silent exercises that help us rejuvenate our body from within. A soulful activity considered to be highly advantageous, Yoga has found a place in the world with almost every single human being following its principles.

An age-old tradition in many households, Yoga not only makes us healthy and happy from within, but it also triggers the healing process of the soul, driving away all our stresses! A variety of asanas or body postures are involved in this activity that helps us relax our muscles, strengthen our body parts, and increase flexibility. Simultaneously, this practice also adds to the clearing of thoughts as it includes meditation and leads to peace within the body. 

Benefits of Yoga 

In order to learn more about this practice of movement and meditation and how we can reap them while working from home during the pandemic and otherwise as well! Here are a few benefits that one should know about before getting started. 

Reduces anxiety and stress

A woman lying on a bed staring at her laptop with one hand on her head

Yoga is considered to be an anti-stress and anxiety practice. Why? Well, the kind of experience that one gains after practicing yoga is relaxing. By driving away our tension and helping us focus in the moment, yoga teaches us to stay away from stress and reduces our anxiety significantly. 

Makes the heart healthier

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You read it right! Yoga is known to make our hearts healthier. In addition, it also heals heart-related problems as it lessens the burden that our body puts on our heart. By making the flow of the blood much better, yoga makes our hearts healthier and happier. 

Combats lethargy and irritation 

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As it involves breathing techniques and meditation exercises, yoga helps us combat lethargy due to spending most of the time in front of the screen and tiredness caused due to less body mobility and also calms us down by relieving us from any irritation. By leading to a clear mind that releases unwanted thoughts and ideas, yoga induces positivity in our minds which ultimately helps us to fight back irritation and low moods and maintain a distance from ill thoughts.

Improves body posture

A woman standing on a mat doing a standing yoga pose

An amalgamation of different asanas or body postures that boost our body posture, yoga results in a flexible and balanced body. By bringing together each and every body part, it helps us relax our muscles which leads to a better body posture. So the next time you hear someone complaining about their imbalanced body posture, you know that you have some advice for them!

Makes our sleep cycle better

A woman deeply sleeping on a mattress under a duvet cover

By reducing the tension that occupies our minds, yoga creates a positive space for us to flourish and grow. This results in a better sleep cycle as it adds to the peace that persists in our inner body. Studies suggest that yoga has not only increased the hours of sleep of those who practice it, but it has substantially boosted the quality of sleep they get. 

Improves respiratory process

A woman sitting on a mat meditating with folded hands

By stimulating the breathing process of our body, relaxing our nasal passage, and making us more relaxed, yoga is known to improve the respiratory process of people who practice it without fail. Pertaining to the numerous body illnesses that can arise due to an individual’s breathing, yoga has helped countless of people cure their breathing process thereby making their respiratory health much better. 

Boosts stamina and strength

A woman holding a yoga posture on a purple yoga mat

By practicing yoga every day, a person leads to better physical health. How? The answer lies in the variety of exercises that one does while practicing yoga. As it intends to stretch the muscles of our body and make them tougher during difficult exercises, yoga adds to our physical stamina. Moreover, it boosts our body strength as it teaches us patience and perseverance.  

Keeps illness at bay

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Yoga is recognized as the ‘body healer’. Even though it involves a handful of body postures and exercises, yoga heals our body from within and triggers the betterment of the body in all senses. This implies that it keeps illness at bay and keeps one healthy. Studies suggest that those who practice yoga in their daily routine report far fewer diseases than those who do not practice it. 

Promotes mental wellness

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An age-old routine that has been practiced by millions from all over the world and still continues to do so, yoga induces mental well-being as it clears one’s thoughts and adds positivity to life. Therefore, it promotes mental wellness. 

Upgrades the quality of life

A woman sitting on a yoga mat smiling while raising her hands in the air

All in all, yoga upgrades the quality of life. By accumulating all the benefits of yoga, one can claim that it upgrades the quality of life, boosts positivity, and leads to a healthy lifestyle in all aspects. 

Reaping the benefits of yoga during work from home: Why and How?

The era of Covid-19 has been one of a kind. By locking people in their homes and adding an abundance of stress related to health and social aspects, the Covid-19 virus has been a strain in both medical and mental terms. The new normal implied the trend of ‘work from home ’.

Even though work from home meant enjoying our lives in the comfort of our beds and living rooms, it also led to a substantial deterioration of the routine of various people worldwide. While such a time has been a strange experience for people from all around the world, small practices like yoga have impacted human lives on a vast scale. 

A woman lying on a bed with various gadgets around her

One way to undo the harm that ‘work from home ’ has done to people is by practicing yoga. As we have already read about the numerous benefits of yoga, it is not hard to believe why yoga is the solution to many problems during the time of work from home. An undisciplined lifestyle, imbalanced body posture for long work hours, minimal physical exercise, and zero exposure to the gymnasium or outdoor runs or exercises have added to the misery that humans were already going through since 2020. But, yoga is the key to minimize the harm that work from home has induced in our lives.

A study published by the National Resource Centre for Value Education in Engineering, an educational hub at IIT Delhi suggests that those who practiced yoga during the lockdown reported lesser anxiety and stress levels and recommend this practice as an ‘effective strategy for stress management and well-being ’. 

A woman sitting in a yoga posture on her bed

Practicing yoga every day can be highly beneficial. Leading to mental wellness and physical betterment, exercises of yoga asanas can solve numerous problems and will inculcate positive thoughts in our minds during such tough times. Furthermore, it can also boost our physical fitness as gymnasiums continue to be shut. In a world where Covid-19 has added so much uncertainty, it will only be better if we pledge to practice yoga and make our lives healthier and happier.     


To wrap up, yoga is the key to a healthy body and a healthy mind. By inducing positivity, proper posture, and persevering behavior, yoga can add life to our body and stimulate our health conditions. Be it an asthmatic individual or a person suffering from chronic pain, yoga is the key to all such locks that are keeping happiness and health away from our mind and body. 

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