How to make hydration tasty this summer?

How to make hydration tasty this summer?

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The summer season is here and all one can think of is keeping the body hydrated and cool. In the midst of a sunny day, when sweat seems to be unstoppable, one can only think of grabbing a glass of water and sipping it in one go!

The summer season is all about cool drinks that help us feel refreshed and rejuvenated. No doubt, the season also brings us closer to our bodies in terms of looking after ourselves. Yet there are more creative ways through which we can accomplish the task while combating the summer heat.

Thinking of how to keep yourself hydrated yet serve your taste buds well?
Here are a few ways to keep your hydration tasty and healthy during the summer season. Go ahead and give them a try! 


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Another way to keep the hydration level on point is to drink juices made of seasonal available fruits throughout the summer season. From Mango to Watermelon, Orange to Pineapples, there are plentiful choices to choose from and find your right pick for this summer.

A rich source of fiber, water, and essential minerals, fruits are always desirable when it comes to keeping oneself healthy and hydrated. Moreover, as more and more people binge on cold food stuff like ice creams, golas, they definitely need a source to add nutrients to their diet while keeping them hydrated.

As most seasonal fruits increase the water level in your body, they also serve your skin well adding to the glow and beauty! Fruits with high water content,
in particular, like Watermelon and Grapes are great ways to get started with the summer season when the sweat is unstoppable and one has almost no way other than to sit before an air conditioner.

However, with the freshness of fruits coming right from your kitchen, there is no way your hydration level can go down! This hack is not only going to keep your health levels boosting forever, but it will also help you to consume fresh fruits that probably your parents have been asking you to do for a long time!


A cup of warm team with a tea bag inside it

Known for its refreshing and calming nature, Tea is an essential item when it comes to beating dehydration. A tasteful remedy that helps one to feel refreshed, fight inflammation, and beat the heat. Tea has amazing qualities that can help you get over the scorching heat this summer season. Be it all kinds of Teas or just one, it is sure to help you in ways that you can't even think of!

While we keep eating junk during the summer season, Tea empowers our immune system and makes our body immune to combat illnesses, and it also adds on to your hydration level keeping you fit and fine!

In addition, warm Tea can amazingly help you sweat more which eventually leads to the cooling down of your body temperature. This way, a hot drink in the summer season is the right start for you to stay hydrated and happy when all you can think of is the shiny sun rays and your sweaty clothes!

Even when one prefers Iced Tea, the wonders that a cup of warm Tea can do to your body is unimaginable. Fitness, fun, and freshness are all some highlights of drinking Tea. Perhaps an age-old beverage, Tea is undoubtedly one of the most preferred beverages in the summer season. 


A glass of green smoothie with few pieces of Kiwi and spinach leaves around it

The thing about Smoothies is that you have to just pick a fruit or even some veggies - like spinach, add few ml of vegan yogurt or some juice and mix it all up in a blender and enjoy the freshness and sweet delicious taste of your prepared Smoothie. To make it more filling and nutritious, you can add some soaked oats, too!

You can also add some nuts and seeds as toppings to give it a crunchy texture. 
When in doubt go for a Smoothie! You ask why? Because it is packed with fibre, anti-oxidants and necessary vitamins needed for your body and how can we forget that it will cool you down and also keep you satiated for long hours. 


A glass of vegan milk with a layer of beaten coffee

A special mention for Cold Coffee as it is one of the beverages we almost make at home or choose to order while outdoors. Caffeine (moderate levels) is recognized as a healthy agent when it comes to skin nourishment and health.

Especially when it is Cold Coffee, one can blindly trust caffeine to do its magic while they sip on a large glass of Cold Coffee. A great start to a fresh day, Cold Coffee combined with vegan milk, as most people claim, is highly rejuvenating and helps one to stay hydrated and instantly makes you feel cool. So when you are sweating and can't think of any other option to stay hydrated, sip on some Cold Coffee to beat the heat. 

Other than keeping you hydrated in the summer season, Cold Coffee can also help you to remain active when the sun soaks your energy in an instant. Moreover, it is known to be a good stress reliever so the next time you are stressed due to the bright sun popping out in the sky, make yourself a glass full of Cold Coffee and fight back the lethargy in an instant!


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The most loved beverage of all time to quench the thirst - Coconut water is a charm when it comes to the summer season. Rich in nutrients and the goodness of Coconut, Coconut water is a natural remedy for beating dehydration and adding that glow to your skin. It is no doubt a wonderful way to kick-start your day and indeed, stay hydrated for a good amount of time. 

Furthermore, Coconut water is proven to add antioxidants to your body that keep you glowing over the season, and it also balances your blood pressure. So, when the shining sun seems to have infuriated you for shining too bright,
go get yourself Coconut water to calm down and relax!

A delicious natural drink to keep up your hydration level, Coconut water is undoubtedly one of the best remedies to help people from all age groups to fight back dehydration and the raging summer heat. 


A glass of infused water with two slices of lime and a sprig of mint leaf

Well, you must have seen people dropping a piece of lemon slice or few sprigs of mint leaves or coriander to either boost the water with anti-oxidants and vitamins and minerals or to make water tasty for consumption!

If you just don't like drinking plain water, Infused water drinks can help you make your glass of water refreshing and enjoyable. 

Are they hard to do? No, not at all! All what you require is a glass of water or a bottle of water, add some fruit slices like - oranges, lemons, apples, pieces of pineapples or fruits of your choice (go for fruits with high water content) and add some few sprigs of mint and coriander which will give you that refreshing sensation and some few spices too, if you would like to add some, like cardamom, cumin or a small piece of cinnamon stick and stir it for a while and keep it for about 15 to 20 minutes so that all the contents added get infused in the water .

While the summer season is already here, one can still begin with these delicious drinks to beat dehydration and cope up with summer heat. As we all say, 'It's never too late!' to get yourself hydrated.

These are only few of some tasty hydrating beverages we have listed, we are sure you will know some more! Comment down your most loved beverage(s) of all time to beat the scorching heat.

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