Local monsoon fruits & vegetables to fill your body with!

Local monsoon fruits & vegetables to fill your body with!

The monsoon season is here, and so are our food cravings! While the rain drops shower down the sky, our appetite takes interesting turns, craving for corn to java plum. Yet, it is important to take care of ourselves and be the best when it comes to our health. During the monsoon season, there is a sudden increase in humidity levels in the atmosphere that makes us feel humid and hot. 

Two woman holding baskets with variety of vegetables

What better way there can be to quench our thirst in these times other than drinking fresh fruit juice made from fresh fruits! Likewise, there are many local healthy foods like fruits and vegetables that you can eat during this monsoon season and maintain your health in a fit and fine manner. Here is a list of the top 10 fruits and veggies which you can easily find in your local market and befriend them this monsoon.


A fruit regarded as one of the most popular ones in the fruit kingdom.
Litchi is the top most recommendation when it comes to this season. 

A collection of pink Litchis

When it's raining, there ought to be a bowl of Litchi by your side! Full of fibers that improve your digestion process, Litchi is also very helpful in treating acidity. Besides, this fruit has a very delicious taste that attracts children, teenagers, and adults. Perhaps Litchi is undoubtedly an amazing alternative to those soft drinks and makes us feel fresh too. 

Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourd or commonly known as Lauki is a household vegetable which has proven benefits. It aids in de-stressing your mind and keeps your heart healthy. This is one supreme vegetable we can eat without thinking twice.The vegetable not only keeps your heart healthy, but also your hair too! 

A bunch of yellow ripe bottle gourds in a woven basket

In addition to the benefits of this vegetable, it is light on our stomach, helping our diet to be free from fried stuff or heavy foods. In short, Bottle Gourd is a must for the monsoon season as it balances our body temperature and gives a rejuvenating sense too! 


We know what you are thinking! Mango is a summer season fruit, so why is it mentioned here? Well, Mango lovers will know that this fruit is equally important for the monsoon season too. Let us find out the reasons. 

A bunch of juicy, ripe, yellow mangoes

Primarily, the fruit is known for being rich in Vitamins such as A, C, and K
which makes it ultimately healthy for us to stay by its side throughout the season. Secondly, the fruit beats humidity and heat like no other fruit does. Perhaps it is a monsoon-must element. Rich in fiber and protein, Mangoes go a long way in terms of our health and serving our sweet tooth! 

Lady Finger

One of the most easily available vegetables across the country.
Lady finger is a household vegetable. Almost everyone loves this vegetable
and the monsoon season is quite impossible without this beauty. 
Let's discover why! 

A bunch of fresh green lady fingers

Rich in calcium and iron, Lady finger is commonly known as BHINDI.
A vegetable that has fans present everywhere, this vegetable is not only tasty, but it is truly healthy in all senses. With high levels of Vitamins such as C and A, this veggie must be on your list throughout the season. 


A bright red fruit that easily grabs our attention from any corner of the store. Plum is all you need to look for in this monsoon season. Resolving issues related to constipation and preventing anemia, Plums are very helpful and tasty as well. What better way it is to have a better health than consuming Plums in a beautiful weather like monsoon. 

A bunch of light red plums in a container


With high levels of potassium and fiber, Plums are extremely beneficial and boost our immunity substantially. More than its appearance, this fruit is known for its healthy benefits. 


We all have been die-hard fans of Jambolan, commonly known as the Java Plum or Jamun. Purple in color, Jambolans grow on trees and can be found almost anywhere. This fruit is so famous that people of all ages love to binge
on this fruit and then show off their colored tongues! 

A bowl of purple Java Plums

Extremely helpful in treating gastric diseases. Jambolan can also lower down your blood sugar level, making you healthy from within. For skin lovers who wonder what to eat during the monsoon season, Jambolan is the key to a happy and glowing skin as well. Hurry up! Those Jamuns on trees are waiting for you! 



Ever thought of eating a Corn in a street corner freshly prepared by a roadside vendor? We all have done that, right? Good for us, Corn is not only good for our taste buds but is also very beneficial for our health too.

A man in a field holding two corns

Rich in Fiber and Vitamin C, Corn keeps deficiencies at bay by maintaining a low cholesterol level. Other essential minerals like iron, magnesium, and manganese are also present in a Corn that is suitable for us during the monsoon season. So the next time when you have a craving for Corn, venture into your local market, bring them home and cook the way you would like to eat it! 



A very good source of potassium and other minerals that help our body to stay fit. Beetroot is one of the most recommended vegetables in the monsoon season. 

A hand holding 2 beetroots

People of all genders can binge on this veggie to maintain their blood pressure levels and retain good stamina. Above all, Beetroot helps our liver to stay healthy and keeps our heart in a good shape. That said, if Beetroot is not on your grocery list as of now, add it right away! Be it fruit juice or a salad, Beetroot can work wonders and suits all diet plans round the year. 


In a humid environment that can be often witnessed in the monsoon season, one must always ensure that they remain hydrated and healthy. To do so, one must pick fresh Cucumbers and swear by them in order to feel fresh and stay fit throughout the season. As it is already known that cucumbers have a very high water content, one must never forget to include them. 

A bunch of fresh long and green cucumbers

Moreover, Cucumbers are also a very good source of other vitals like Vitamin C and Vitamin K, and they are rich in antioxidants which ultimately leads to a healthier metabolism. Having said that, Cucumbers are unbeatable when it comes to their health benefits and thus are a must in the monsoon season. 


Cherry is one of the most loved fruits in the entire world. Even when the concern is locally available fruits, Cherry surely tops the list. While it seems to be beautiful to our eyes, it is beautiful for our body too. A low-calorie fruit, Cherry is rich in antioxidants. 

A bunch of ripe red cherries  

Furthermore, it reduces cancerous agents in our body and keeps our heart in a good shape. So the next time when you step out to purchase fruits, think of the endless benefits that Cherries have and readily handpick them for a healthy and happy body! 


To wrap up, these top 10 fruits and vegetables are just among the many foods items available in the markets during this monsoon season. We are sure your local markets will have more variety, just go, shop them and eat them. 

With the rainy season making us feel over the top, our health should also be in the best form to enjoy it. However, it must be noted that since it is the monsoon season, one must only eat fresh fruits and vegetables. All in all, the monsoon season is your chance to befriend healthy local fruits and vegetables and benefit from them in the long run!

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