Things you need to stop right away in your skincare & haircare routine!

Things you need to stop right away in your skincare & haircare routine!

What are you doing wrong in your skincare and haircare routine?

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It is officially 2021! And what a great chance for us to start afresh.

Coming to your beauty routines, how have you been managing it? We hope you are still not repeating the same skincare and haircare mistakes from the past year(s)! 

And guess what! Qurez is just in time to guide you in your beauty regimen by focusing on what you need to stop and start instead! 

So, here is a list of things you might have been doing wrong and how to make them right!

First, let's dive into Skincare.

What are you doing wrong with your skincare routine?

 Wrong order of skincare products

 Different coloured tubes with cream oozing out of it

You might be buying all the right stuff with all the right ingredients however the effect won't be optimal or lasting if you don't apply them correctly. 

Applying heavier products first might clog the pores resulting in all the remaining lotions, moisturizers or serums having almost no effect.

The correct order tells us to go from the lightest products to the heavier ones. Spot treatments should come before serums and they work better at night. Acne treatments should go on freshly cleansed skin!

 Usually the correct order of daytime skincare routine is:

*Eye cream
*Day cream/Face oil

 And the correct order for the the nighttime skincare routine is:

*Spot treatment/Acne treatment
*Eye cream
*Night cream/ Face oil

Skipping sunscreen


Skipping sunscreen is a big NO NO and if there were 7 deadly sins of skincare, skipping sunscreen would definitely be in the top 1 position!

Sunscreen is not only there for your sunburns but also to provide you an all-round protection from the harmful UVA & UVB rays. Also, with the climate degrading day by day and the ozone layer getting damaged, the UV rays are now more prominent and this reason should at least make you wear your SPF protection!

Skipping sunscreen can result in premature ageing with faster development of wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. Unprotected and prolonged exposure to UV rays also increases the chances of skin cancer! 



Exfoliation is of great help when you have to get rid of your dead skin cells. However, overdoing it or doing it less, both have their cons. To know how much is too much you need to know what your skin type is. If you have:

  • Normal skin- 2 times a week 
  • Oily skin- 2 times a week
  • Dry skin- 1 - 2 times a week 

Using wipes to wash your face

Woman using a makeup wipe on her eye

We know you might have your lazy days and that is alright but forming a habit of just using your wipes to remove your makeup is extremely damaging to your skin.  

Not only do they clog pores, some of them contain strong & drying ingredients. They can also facilitate spreading of bacteria and dirt all across your face if you keep using one section of the face wipe to wipe your entire face. And you very well know this too that they are not enough to remove all that makeup off!

Using oil based or water based cleansers are a much better way to get rid of all the makeup.  

Using wrong cleansers

Woman washing her face

It is important that the products you use to clean off all the makeup and skincare at the end of the day are right for your skin. The best pH level of our skin is 5.5. Hence going for anything above that level might be harmful.

Toners come in handy 

Woman wiping her skin with a toner

Consider a situation where you are outdoors and don't have a chance for cleansing your face! Then what do you do in this case? You can just remove your toner and apply it on your face to clarify your skin pores. 

A toner will also help in getting rid of any dirt, grime or bacteria which was not cleansed by your cleanser. It will also prepare your skin for the further steps in your skincare routine and also help remove all the harsh chemicals found in tap water and the remaining dirt and grime of the day. It also adds a layer of protection as well!

Not changing your pillow covers and following a healthy diet!

Hand holding a pillow

No matter how many products you use and how you use them correctly, if you keep your surroundings and body unhealthy your skin issues will all be back to square one! Therefore it is important to change your pillow covers from time to time, hydrate well & eat healthy! 

Experimenting in the kitchen with DIY recipes

Quick fixes and home remedies might seem appealing but they are not always the right way out. If you have sensitive skin anything can react at any time. Most of the DIY remedies include lemon in them, however due to its highly acidic properties it might damage the protective layer of your skin. Sugar scrubs might turn out to be more abrasive than healing. 

Not having a face towel

A bathroom hook with a body loofah, body and face towel

You read that right! This might seem an additional thing to you but trust us that you wouldn't want to clean your face with a body towel which has also being used to clean your private areas!

Applying the same towel you use for your hands or body on your face only undos all the cleansing you just did. Have a separate face towel and dab lightly rather than rubbing your skin. And most importantly keep it clean!

Not doing skincare & makeup the correct way

Girl applying makeup on her face

You should always apply your skincare products in an upward motion and your makeup products in a downward motion. Upward motion helps the product seep into your skin and the downward motion prevents the makeup from clogging your pores and staying on your skin. 

Now let's hop into your haircare routines.

What are you doing wrong with your haircare routine?

Combing wet hair

Woman in a white robe holding a hair brush

Combing your hair when it is wet only aids in breakage. De-tangling your hair with a wide comb or your fingers is a much better option. 

Curly hair folks should let their hair dry off a little or come to the moist level before de-tangling them.

Washing hair frequently/too less

Woman getting her hair washed

Just like everything else knowing when is too much or too less is essential. Washing your hair daily is not advisable as it will strip off the natural oils on your scalp and neither is washing it once a week as your scalp pores will be clogged with dirt, dandruff or excess sebum thus damaging your hair follicles. Washing hair 2-3 times (based on your shampooing requirement) a week is more widely accepted and appreciated.

Rubbing your hair with towel

Woman with her hair wrapped in towel

Towel wrapping and rubbing is a habit you should throw out of the window. This only damages and roughens the hair up.

Also the towel you use matters a lot. Using the thick ones result in a lot of breaking. Switching to microfiber towels or just soft cotton cloths are a much better alternative.

Not protecting hair at night

Woman sleeping in her bed with messy hair

If you are waking up with tangled & frizzy mane you are not sleeping right. Switch to hair bonnets or nightcaps as they are not as rough on your hair. This practice will keep your hair smooth, soft and minimize hair friction reducing hair breakage. 

Not protecting your hair from the Sun

Woman in a white dress with a white head scarf

It's not only your skin that needs protection from the harsh sun rays, your hair needs protection sun protection,too!

You can opt for the easy solution of just wearing a hat or scarf outside or use protective oils and masks to rejuvenate your damaged hair.

Skipping hair serums 

Woman with bouncy hair

Serums are important especially when you have frizzy hair. They help your hair look shinier and provide them with a certain healthy buoyancy. They also help tackle dryness caused by the daily winds. 

So go dab some serum on your fingertips and apply it on your hair so that everyday is a good hair day!

Not conditioning right

Woman wearing a black t-shirt touching her wet hair

Conditioning is essential so that your hair feels smooth and nourished from hair to tip. The continuous oiling and haircare might aid in keeping your scalp healthy but the tips are usually neglected. Conditioning is also important to provide that balance in nourishment for your hair. Also, it is important you stay away from your roots while conditioning.

Not switching to gentle shampoos


If you are still using the same branded shampoo that contains a variety of harsh chemicals and surfactants, then no matter what haircare routine you do right you will never see much improvement. Your hair is different and requires organic & natural care. Switch to more organic and gentle hair shampoos.

Combing your hair wrong


It is always advisable to de-tangle your hair first from the tips and then move upwards. This reduces breakage. Also, it would be advisable to use a wooden comb which is much more gentle than a plastic comb!

Remember, de-tangle the ends first and then move upwards.

Sleeping with wet hair

Woman sleeping under a white blanket

This is one of the worst steps in haircare routine! Your hair are delicate & fragile when they are wet and more prone to breakage. You will wake up with tangled and frizzy hair if you sleep with wet hair. Dry those locks before you go to bed.

We hope you will consider stopping any bad habits listed above and correct them right away in your beauty regimen! We hope these tips will make your hair grow and skin glow. 

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