Why sunscreen is important for your skin health!

Why sunscreen is important for your skin health!

What is Sunscreen?

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A lotion/gel/spray or cream that helps one to protect his/ her skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. A sunscreen or a suncream is a product that is widely popular in the contemporary world. It is an amalgamation of physical and chemical UV filters.

A sunscreen helps the skin to stay protected when it is exposed under the sun. Since the harmful UV rays can cause sunburn and skin inflammation, sunscreen is allegedly the best solution to keep one's skin protected. 

As the ozone layer keeps depleting, it is getting thinner day by day. This causes the sun rays to penetrate through the ozone layer which causes them to reach the surface of the Earth. A sunscreen, in such a scenario, acts as a shield to protect human skin from getting sunburnt due to the Ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Why should one apply Sunscreen? 

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There are many reasons as to why one should apply sunscreen. However, the most important reason is to protect one's skin from the harmful UV rays. 

What is SPF? How does it matter?


Sun Protection Factor or SPF is a measure of how protective your sunscreen is. Varied range of sunscreens have different SPFs according to their composition and this alone determines how well your skin would be protected by the UV rays.

In addition, dermatologists suggest that SPF denotes the amount of time for which your skin will remain protected and preserved. Dermatologists recommend applying SPF30 or above whilst outdoors. 

Benefits of Sunscreen

In this segment, we will learn about the various benefits of sunscreen.
The benefits of sunscreen are endless. Still, we've got some top benefits covered for you below!

Armors your skin 


Sunscreen is widely known for its skin protection features.
As it absorbs/scatters most of the UV rays, sunscreen can do wonders when it comes to skin protection. No doubt, skin protection is the prime reason why you should apply sunscreen in your day-to-day life. 

Minimizes premature ageing 

Another reason why you should apply sunscreen is that it has some amazing anti-ageing qualities which minimizes premature formation of fine lines & wrinkles. Loose & sagging skin is a symptom of ageing skin which has lost its elasticity (the property of the skin to snap back into its original state). By applying sunscreen, one can prevent premature ageing and restore its elasticity property. 

Evens out skin tone

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Believe it or not, sunscreen can actually lead you to an even skin tone.
Yes, that's right! Sunscreen is very well known for maintaining an even skin tone to those who apply it on a regular basis. By blocking the sun rays from affecting your skin's surface, sunscreen helps you get a better and even skin tone.

Reduces chances of skin cancer 

You read it absolutely right. Sunscreen is also very beneficial when it comes to preventing skin cancer by protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays.
A prevalent fatal disease among the masses, skin cancer can actually be prevented if one is routinely applying sunscreen and protecting your skin with sun blocking accessories. 

Maintains healthy skin 

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Another benefit that sunscreen provides you is that it keeps your skin healthy. More than ever, skin care has evolved in a way that people are able to customize their skin care products. Yet, sunscreen remains to be omnipotent in keeping your skin healthy throughout the year. 

Perhaps sunscreen is much more than just a lotion, it's a lovely way to protect your skin and let it flourish in a healthy environment! A vital component of your skin care, sunscreen is all you want to beat the UV rays!

How and When to apply Sunscreen?

Sunscreen is an all-season essential product that never goes out of style.
It is essential yet important for every one to apply sunscreen and so, here are a few tips and tricks about how to apply sunscreen and when to do it. 



The skin which is exposed in the sun is the skin which is required to be covered with sunscreen. When it comes to how to apply sunscreen, one should first:

1. Dot the skin making sure to cover all the sun exposed skin areas
2. Gently massage the sunscreen in the initial stage
3. Gently dab/pat the sunscreen at the end stage 

Note that it is very important for one to cover all the naked areas of skin.
While people keep it in mind to cover all areas, they still forget some important areas like ear tips, exposed scalp region, or for that matter even fingertips. Perhaps one should keep in mind that sunscreen should be equally applied over all exposed skin areas.

As experts suggest, sunscreen should be reapplied every 2 hours if outdoors & 3 hours if indoors. When you are outdoors or indoors, you must apply sunscreen on a regular basis to keep the sun protection effect active on your skin. 



As it is strongly recommended, sunscreen should be applied on a daily basis. One should apply sunscreen over all naked skin areas at least 30 minutes before leaving his/ her house. This helps sunscreen to get absorbed which makes it more powerful and protective throughout the day. 

One should include sunscreen in his/her skin care routine so as to protect their skin from getting sunburnt and from ageing as well. Furthermore, one should apply sunscreen often when involved in tedious activities which leads one to sweat more. This is because sweat causes the wearing off of sunscreen and so, it should be applied regularly without fail. 


To sum up, sunscreen is an all-rounder when it comes to skin care. An essential product for all seasons, sunscreen should definitely be a part of your skin care routine. An essential product that is both easy-to-use and comes in affordable prices, sunscreen has become the need of the hour due to environmental deterioration and climate change. 

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