Beautiful coloured mascaras to paint your eye lashes with!

Beautiful coloured mascaras to paint your eye lashes with!

Ever thought of or even tried to put away your favourite black mascara aside and pick a coloured mascara and apply it on your eyelashes? Maybe yes or maybe no! Trust me most of us have thought of doing this but are scared to try it out because we don't want to look funny or be a joke out there! 

But things are changing, coloured mascaras are now in trend and are often tried by celebrities and makeup artists! So why not we try to see what's making people try out coloured mascaras and see how it looks on their eyelashes! 

Let's make it colourful! 

Orange is the new black 


Since we are trying out coloured mascaras for the first time, why not keep it simple, subtle and orange! 

Lime eyelashes, anyone? 


Those who like it brighter and like the colour yellow then I would suggest this colour to you!

This yellow mascara will surely pull some attention towards you.

It only gets better with two 


If you aren't satisfied with one then go ahead and try out two colours! Just loving the way how these two different colours are complimenting each other! 

Blue! That's how I like it


This one could be one of the colour worn on your casual meetups or events.

Just look at her carrying off the blue mascara so gracefully! 

Red never fails to impress


This ravishing red has made an impact on my mind and I am sure it must have made some on you too! So pick up a red mascara and apply it and see how ravishing it looks on your eyelashes! 

Interested in trying black and pink?


For all those who don't want to leave their black mascara out but would also want to try out some other colour, especially pink, then this might be your look to try out! 

Beauties, if you liked or loved any of these looks and have tried out, do let us know in the comment section! 

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