Perk up your eye makeup with these interesting looks!

Perk up your eye makeup with these interesting looks!

Are you a makeup fanatic and especially when it comes to eye makeup? Do you want to take some break from the usual eye makeup looks and try out something new, perky and out of the ordinary? 

Well, we have collected some of the best and interesting eye makeup looks which you would love to try out on your eyes! 

Let the EYE game begin!

 Simple yet Doable


All you need is three eyeliners in the colours, Yellow, Pink and Blue to achieve this doable eye look! And also, don't forget to be stable while trying this look for those clean and neat lines! 

Those dreamy pastels 


If, "I would wear this look everyday", had a name. Just look at her looking so ravishing in that dreamy eye makeup.

I need some drama 


I know, I know, this look cannot be worn on days when we are busy at office or doing other activities, but hey! you can surely carry this look at themed parties or fashion events in your college or community. 

Want some creativity on my eyes


Blow everyone away with this mind boggling eye look! Get ready to be baffled when you notice an elephant in this look. 

I like it streaky


These streaky orange lines on top of those subtle black eye-shadow don't fail to mesmerize us!

Sequences on board 


If you are someone who likes sequences then surely you can try out this red sequential look right away! 

Eyes full of colours 


When you are in the mood of doing something abstract on your eyes, then this eye look will suffice you! 

Eye captivating look 


Just look at this captivating eye glue look, you can surely make out that the artist behind this look has some vivid imagination or you could even say 'Creativity'! 

Got amazed by these eye makeup looks! Then let us know in the comment box.

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