Now Qurez brings natural and vegan skincare closer to y'all through Nykaa!!

Now Qurez brings natural and vegan skincare closer to y'all through Nykaa!!

Qurez is now becoming wider and wider in terms of its accessibility! We now want to become accessible to as many natural beauties as possible with our Natural and Vegan Cruelty Free skincare range. In order to be more accessible, we have now launched on a much bigger online beauty shop, which is loved by all, we are now on Nykaa! 

We launched our vegan skincare range on Nykaa on 1st September 2019. We can't wait to launch more natural skincare products on this platform and many other platforms so that you can enjoy our skin solutions for your natural skin.

At the moment, the products which are launched on Nykaa are -

1. Activated charcoal Scrub Mask
2. Refreshing Aloe Vera and Cucumber Mist Toner
3. Mattifying SPF 50 Sunscreen 

Start your skincare regimen with Qurez

 Start your day by Deep Cleansing

 Activated Charcoal Scrub Mask

Start off your skincare regimen with cleansing all the dirt, grime off your skin! Our activated charcoal scrub mask will unclog your skin pores and will also make your skin smooth. 

The scrub mask gives you a quick cleanse if you are in a hurry, best for mild scrub if you are planning to meet someone and you can enjoy a mask time whenever you have lots of time to pamper your skin! 

The scrub mask is one of its kind which is not available in the market which gives you a smooth skin, clear skin, healthy skin and the benefits of a scrub and mask too! So what are you waiting for, go grab this scrub mask and see the results for yourself.

Keep your skin clean and plump! 

Refreshing Aloe Vera and Cucumber Mist Toner

Your skin gets messy, dull and dehydrated too! So we bring to you a quick solution to fix this problem, presenting to you our refreshing Aloe Vera and Cucumber mist toner. This toner will clean and clear all the dirt, grime stuck in your skin pores and unclog them, the ingredients - Aloe Vera and Cucumber along with other natural ingredients will make your skin look refreshed and plump due to its high water content!

The mist toner not only keeps your skin clean but also controls the secretion of extra sebum and balances the pH of your skin. This mist toner can also be carried anywhere due to its travel friendly size and can be used at ease due to its spray application. 

The mist toner can also be used on your underarms, on your body as a body mist, and also to remove makeup and after shave residue! 

Get your hands on this 'All season Sunscreen' 

 Qurez Mattifying SPF 50 Sunscreen

Want a sunscreen which gives no shiny look and doesn't run down when you are sweating or when you come in contact with water, suitable for different skin types and without giving you a greasy feeling on your skin? Then Qurez Mattifying SPF 50 UVA+UVB sunscreen is your sunscreen! 

The sunscreen is formulated in such a way which gives you a mattifying look, leaves no white cast, keeps your skin protected and doesn't wear down when you are sweating or when you come in contact with water. The sunscreen is suitable for all skin types and gives you no irritation because of its natural formulation and vegan ingredients! 

The sunscreen can be applied throughout the year since it is formulated to keep your skin safe and protected from the sun in all the seasons.


Wake up your natural skin to our skin friendly and skin loving natural and vegan skincare range! And now its available on Nykaa. 

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