Qurez on turning one and what's in store for our natural beauties!

Qurez on turning one and what's in store for our natural beauties!


Qurez just can't stop celebrating and rejoicing because the love and trust which you have shown us has made us one year old! We cannot tell you how overwhelmed we are, you beauties have not only shown love to our products but have also believed in our mission 'Natural skin is beautiful'!

We want to let our beautiful readers know about our journey and what we have in store for you! 

Natural, that's how we were born! 

Qurez is a natural skincare brand for natural beauties! We in-cooperate only and only natural ingredients to cure your skin issues without altering any of your natural features! 

Our tagline "Be You. Feel Beautiful. Stay Confident" defines our brand and also encourages you to be your natural self, feel beautiful and stay confident in your natural skin! 

Be You. Feel Beautiful. Stay Confident

Be You - Just be yourself, don't try to turn into someone else because your beauty lies in your natural self!
Feel Beautiful - Feel beautiful in your natural skin, be it fair, brown, dark or any other colour, just respect it and love it because nobody else can carry of these colours so gracefully but only you!  
Stay Confident - Its only and only you who can make yourself feel confident in your natural skin! 

To know more about how Qurez was born, do watch our founder's (Prerna Karidhal) interview with our beloved Youtuber Nikita!  


We'd never change but also never stay the same! 

Our mission and motive of making you fall in love with your natural skin will never change! We always want to give you the best skin cures! Though we also don't want to remain the same which is why we are always innovating and transitioning our formulations to give you the results which we promise (Keeping a key promise which is curing your skin issues without altering your natural complexion). 

There were times when our natural beauties didn't like some aspects of our products, be it packaging, the formulations and so on, but we took your feedback in a very positive way because we are here to to make your skin feel comfortable in our products! 


For years to come, we will always listen to you, it may be a good or bad feedback, but we are listening, we are keeping a note of it and will do whatever it takes us to keep you happy and give you the best and natural based skin cures to your skin issues! 

Many more natural cures coming your way! 

More natural cures coming your way

Qurez is coming with many more cures, it will be in hair-care range, skincare range, body-care range, lip-care range, whatever issues we deal with, we are bringing to you cures, fully loaded with natural ingredients! Stay tuned with us for such new product information through our social media handle and our blogs! 

We cannot wait to surprise you all with our new additions in our skincare range, till then 'Be You. Feel Beautiful. Stay Confident'

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