Qurez products have gone through a makeover stage and what exactly has changed!

Qurez products have gone through a makeover stage and what exactly has changed!

Our products have gone through a transition and a lot has changed! Right from the packaging to formulations, the newly transitioned products have become better and more effective to cure your skin issues. 

So which products have changed and how have they become better?

But before we reveal to you the two newly transitioned products, we would let you know that Qurez always cherishes its customers and is always listening to their needs and wants and hence listening to your feedback we have decided to give a total makeover to our two famous skincare products! 

Bringing Better Skin Cures!

Mattifying sunscreen has a new member!

Qurez sunscreen welcomes a new member

*Addition of a natural ingredient 

Along with our earlier natural ingredients, Qurez mattifying SPF 50 sunscreen has now been added with another natural ingredient which is famous for its anti-ageing property and relieving sunburn and skin inflammation. This is none other than the powerful natural ingredient 'Matcha Green Tea'.

The sunscreen has a natural fragrance of Matcha Green Tea and hence is now free of artificial fragrance.

*New Packaging 

Our earlier sunscreen was in the form of a pump bottle but the newly transitioned sunscreen is now available in a tube form which makes it easier for application and which can be carried anywhere! 

*Features of our new formulations

Our newly formulated product was earlier mattifying and is still mattifying but now has a lighter formulated cream base which can be easily applied, spread and absorbed onto your skin! 

The sunscreen is now PA++ ( PA stands for protection grade) which means that our sunscreen will give a good amount of protection to your skin from the UVA+UVB rays.

From a jar to a tube 

Activated charcoal scrub mask now in a tube form!

*Addition of a natural ingredient 

No doubt our star ingredients in our activated charcoal scrub mask like activated bamboo charcoal, tea tree oil, vitamin c, clove oil, vitamin e, aloe vera, are still there! But we have also introduced two new natural ingredients to enrich the scrub mask and those are 'Chamomile extract and Liquorice extract'. 

Both the natural ingredients are known to be bio-active extracts which are known to promote good health and in this case it is your skin.  

The activated charcoal scrub mask has a natural fragrance of the two bio-active extracts and hence is now free of artificial fragrance. 

*New Packaging 

The earlier activated charcoal scrub mask used to come in a jar with a lid on top of it which became a hassle to open and close and at the same time use the product but the newly formulated activated charcoal scrub mask is now available in a tube form which is now hassle free and easier to use! 

*Features of our new formulations

It gives you an instant detox by deeply cleansing and exfoliating your skin pores by removing all the pollutants and in return gives you a smooth and clean skin. 

"Transitioning to bring you better skin cures! - Qurez "

To know more in-depth about our newly transitioned products, do watch our product review by youtuber Nikita


You can now avail our two newly formulated and packaged products on  Qurez.comAmazon.in and Amazon.com 

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