Redefine your bathing experience with our vegan shampoo and soap bars!

Redefine your bathing experience with our vegan shampoo and soap bars!

Redefining your bathing experience with our vegan bathing bars

Bathing essentials are much needed by any human being and we want to add value to it by formulating body bars and shampoo bars with Vegan and Natural ingredients which will only give your skin and hair positive results and no harmful side-effects! This time we present to you our vegan bathing essentials.

Also, we are taking a conscious step of producing our vegan skincare products in eco-friendly packaging to leave a positive impact on our 'Mother earth!'. So our bars are packaged in environment friendly packaging materials.

Get hooked on to our Vegan bathing essentials! 

Cleansing. Refreshing. Nourishing


Meet our Qurez Neem and Basil Bathing bar. It not only cleanses but also nourishes at the same time. The soap will also repair any damaged skin - such as soothe any skin inflammations, rashes, itchiness etc. Plus it will also take care of body acne, hyper-pigmentation. Since this soap also contains Vitamin C, it will help in collagen formation and make your skin firm. 

The soap also has 7 other essential oils which will keep your skin soft, supple and keep your skin moisturized! 

This soap is toxic free - it doesn't contain any Parabens, Phthalates, Sulphates. 

 Wash down all the worries from your hair! 


Well! Its time to stop switching from one shampoo to another and stick to just one! Why not stick to Qurez shampoo bar? Well we present to you our vegan and natural shampoo bar '7 Herbs Shampoo Bar' with the additions of Tea Tree oil and Lemongrass oil! 

This won't only cleanse your hair and scalp but also treat dry and flaky scalp which most of us have. The 7 power-packed herbs have different roles and well to mention few are - they are high in anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant properties, they have the potential to penetrate deep in your hair roots and repair and nourish them to initiate hair growth. Also, they will hydrate and will strengthen your hair roots so that they don't undergo immediate breakage.

For those who worry about greying of hair, fret not! Our '7 herbs shampoo bar' will take care of it! And the most important role of any shampoo is to control hair-fall and our vegan shampoo bar rightly does so!

To know more in detail about our shampoo and bathing bars ingredients, visit our product page and get all the benefits, price, delivery details! 


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