Taking small eco-friendly steps to live sustainably!

Taking small eco-friendly steps to live sustainably!

While many human activities have been put on hold, the Earth is starting to show signs of healing!  This really opens our eyes showing us how humans had tormented Earth for their worldly pleasures and now while we are locked in our homes, the Earth is taking this peaceful non-human interruption time to heal. 

This shows us how we need to change our ways, ways in which we need to live taking in consideration how it will have an impact on the environment. Well, I thought of some few easy Eco-friendly ways which we can live by to have a positive impact on our Mother Earth! 

Living the Sustainable way! 

Growing your own greens

Grow your own greens

Well, ever thought of having your own small kitchen garden! Its pretty simple, easy and convenient too. Instead of going to the vegetable market to buy vegetables why not we create our own garden by planting micro-greens or greens which need little space and less maintenance. 

Give in to Sustainable fashion!

Give in to sustainable fashion

A lot of us have dreamt of having a closet full of clothes for every single event, keeping in mind never to repeat any outfit! Well, drop off that idea, because your fashion is killing the Earth. Most of the clothes are not recycled or reused properly and hence find itself in land mines. These land mines keep on pilling up destroying homes to many flora and fauna.

What we can do is pick outfits which can be styled to be worn at multiple events. Repeating your outfit is nothing to be ashamed about. Indeed it's a great step to minimise waste. 

Carry your Eco-friendly bag, everywhere! 

Carry your Eco-friendly bag, everywhere!

Every time you pick an Eco-friendly bag to carry out your activities the less the Earth has to worry to break it down since Eco-friendly bags are much easier to break down than plastics. While plastics take thousands of years to break down, Eco-friendly items take less time to degrade. 

The world has been stressing so much on going plastic free. The thing which mostly haunts environmentalists and nature scientists is that plastic takes thousands of years to break down and hence they are always pushing the idea of giving up plastic and switching to Eco-friendly items. 

Some of the Eco-friendly items which we already know are - jute bags, cloth bags, newspaper bags, cotton bags, etc. 

Roam the sustainable way

Roam the sustainable way

If your market, shopping site or any recreation site is nearby, walk by foot or take your bicycle! Going to work? Take the Public transport or indulge in carpooling! In every small way let's try to decrease our carbon footprint and increase our sustainable footprint. 

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