Shampoo Bars- The most sustainable and healthy way of hair cleansing!

Shampoo Bars- The most sustainable and healthy way of hair cleansing!

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Shampoo Bars are the newest marvels in town. Not only are they great and safe for your hair but also to the environment!

These small or medium sized bars might seem like they are ineffective and not enough for you but that is where you are wrong. The benefits of shampoo bars are multiple however before we dive into them, let’s take a look at our current commercial hair cleansers - shampoo bottles.

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Shampoo bottles not only contain multiple harsh ingredients in them which are not suitable for your hair at all, but they are also hazardous to the environment.

You might have also heard of the #nopoo movement in which many women and men around the world along with famous celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston came together to throw away all their shampoo products for good since they contain such heavy detergents which strip away your scalp's natural oil.They aimed to go for more natural alternatives - like using baking soda, apple cider vinegar, etc to wash their hair.

Now, if you are skeptical of using the above elements, then you can switch to shampoo bars which contain gentle hair cleansing elements which don't strip the natural oils. 

The effect that shampoo bottles have on the environment is extremely degrading. Studies show that shampoo bottles cause as much or more air pollution as car fumes. 

“Up to half of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) came from domestic products, including bleach, perfume, shampoo, and paint. When these particles degrade, they become a particulate matter called PM2.5, which is known to cause respiratory problems and is linked with 29,000 deaths in the UK each year”, quotes the Business Insider.

This is only with respect to air pollution, the packaging of shampoo bottles is all plastic, and we are all aware of how plastic is dangerous to our planet. Not only does the packaging result in water/land pollution, but shampoo residual being spilled into water bodies also gives rise to its own unique set of dangers. Most shampoos contain a chemical called Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which is mutagenic to animals. 

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These reasons are all enough to make you quit your shampoo bottles which have harsh ingredients too, but why should you trust shampoo bars? Well, here is why.


 Contains hair friendly ingredients


Shampoo bars are not only devoid of harsh ingredients but also come in an
eco -friendly minimal or zero-waste packaging. 

We too have made sure that the ingredients in our shampoo bars not only cleanse your hair effectively but also nourish your hair as well! Our shampoo bars are packaged in biodegradable food wrap which easily degrades without causing any harm to the planet. They also don’t risk any water, air, or land pollution as the ingredients used in the shampoo bars are vegan compared to their bottled counterpart.

The positive impact of using shampoo bars instead of bottles can have on the environment is huge, and a great step which can be taken by us for a better future.

Gently formulated 


Shampoo bars are a gentle way of cleansing your hair! We make sure that our hair cleansing and nourishing shampoo bars do their function in a gentle way without being harsh on your scalp and hair. 

Our shampoo bars don't contain any sort of harmful ingredients in them and are simply chunks of nutrients that are good for your hair.

Travel friendly


Due to their small size, shampoo bars are an excellent travel companion.
You might think we already have mini-shampoo bottles for that, but mini toiletries result in a lot of pollution, so much so that they have been banned in multiple hotels. Shampoo bars don’t take up any space and are leakage-free. You don’t have to worry about opening up your luggage to a shampoo-spill.

And you will most certainly won't have to give up your shampoo bars to the TSA agents at the airport which usually confiscate liquid materials (shampoo bottles have liquid based formulations) over a certain limit. Your air journeys will now be a lot less stressful!  

Lasts longer and cost-effective


Shampoo bars might look like they won’t last a month but they actually have the potential to outrun your bottles if you use it wisely. Shampoo Bars are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

Most shampoo bottles are 80-85% water, which adds to their weight and ultimately priced high. However, liquid based shampoo formulations (which require water) is something we can provide too. But we don't since we have formulated a shampoo which doesn't require water and just contains the needed ingredients which will do its function!

So buying a bar of shampoo that has all the hair cleansing components and nutrients we need is actually a smarter alternative. And is also affordable than most major shampoo brands, bars run longer if used in little quantities because a lot of it is not really needed!

Better Results 


Many shampoo bar users have experienced great hair health. Considering the product has vegan and gentle hair cleansing ingredients, it results in shinier & healthier hair. Shampoo bars are also way gentler to your scalp and provide minimal damage.

So, even though shampoo bars are new to the game they are already winning the race. What are you waiting for? Give these bars a try and see how your hair game changes!

To explore or to try out our vegan and cruelty free based shampoo bars, visit our product section on our website. 

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