Things to do to ease up anxiety during self-isolation!

Things to do to ease up anxiety during self-isolation!

While we sit at our respective homes and wait for things to get normal! There will be times when we will feel lonely, experience anxiety and frustration which will drain us out.

To ward off these feelings we must do one sole thing, distract our minds. Whatever it takes us, don't sit idle, do some activities which will keep your mind occupied at all times! In this blog, I will list down the 5 best ways to keep ourselves busy so that we think less of the lock-down and have no negative feelings arising in our minds! 

5 Best ways to ease ANXIETY!  

Indulge in a hobby!

 Indulge in a hobby!

Nearly everyone has a hobby, if you don't have one, make one. Each day, engage in your hobby and see how exceptionally it diverts your mind. Hobbies can range from cooking, painting, singing, reading, writing, dancing or even indoor gardening and many more! 

Get moving in your house

 Get moving in your house

I know! I know! you must have seen many social media posts telling you to exercise, but trust me, exercise releases 'feel-good' hormones which we need it right now in such difficult times! Exercise will not only make you feel good but also keep you fit thus making you feel less fatigue and sluggish. There are many indoor exercises one can indulge into. 

Take up an online course! 

 Take up an online course

Yes, you heard it right! Take up an online course. You can learn a new language, a subject or any skill which will help you in the future. In the event of lock-down many online educational sites are offering free or affordable courses which one  can take up! 

 Follow a plan 

Plan your day

Having a plan gives your direction, make a schedule or to say it in simple words, make a 'To-Do-List'. List down all the events which you will do in a day, set duration for those events. Be careful not to spend too much time on one thing otherwise you will lose interest in it and also don't have a lot of things to do which cannot be accomplished in a day. Try changing your schedule weekly to break the monotony! 

Take up some challenge

Take up a challenge

We are in that situation where we cannot say that we don't have time, yes, we do! Try taking up a challenge, it could be anything like breaking a bad habit, creating a good habit or learning something new. Keep a duration for the challenge and follow it up religiously everyday! 

Talk to someone

Talk to someone

It's natural for humans to hit a low point in their life and in this environment it is bound to happen. When you feel anxious, stressed, depressed or lonely, talk to someone! Video call, message or call your family, friends, relatives, or colleagues who will hear you out and make you feel good. You can also take professional help, try contacting your regional helpline numbers for mental support. 

Have you got any other ways which will help in easing anxiety? Do share in the comment section below! 

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