This friendship day make your friend feel special, beautiful and confident about themselves!

This friendship day make your friend feel special, beautiful and confident about themselves!

We know what all things we discuss with that one friend or with our best friends! Right from our day to day activities, our desires, goals, interests, love, problems and many more. There is also one such thing that we always have discussed and keep on discussing and that is about ourselves - our beauty and our personality!

We have friends who always discuss about how badly they want to change their body features if they get a chance, like, I don't like my skin colour, my skin type, the shape of my body, legs, thighs, waist, you name it, they have discussed every sort of things which they are not comfortable with in their bodies.

We have also heard some of them discussing about how others make fun of their personalities, for example, how people hate it when they are loud, how people keep names for them if they are too concentrated on studies, how people tag them uncool if they don't do all those things which others do and so on!

But this friendship day let's do something special, something different for our dear friend(s)! Let's make them feel beautiful in their skin and let's make them feel confident in their unique personality. 

Make this friendship day a special and beautiful one for your dear one! 

Make them feel beautiful about themselves 

Make them feel beautiful about themselves

There will be tons of things which they won't be liking or loving about themselves, be it their skin, body, height, weight, size and many more! Whatever aspects of their skin and body they hate, make them feel beautiful in it! Make them realise that their skin tone, body type, height, weight, size, is a unique type and nobody can carry off this uniqueness confidently but them! 

They are the best when they are themselves!

They are the best when they are themselves!

We usually have friends who always turn to us and tell us how bad and upset they get when somebody pokes fun at their personality! Maybe your friends must be telling you how people don't like their loud voice, some may say that they hate it when people keep them names such as 'Nerd', 'Bookworm', etc because of their academic nature, some may call them as 'Behenji', 'Average', etc, for their fashion sense, some may tell you that they hate it when people call them 'uncool' when they refuse to do certain things. Your friends might start feeling insecure about their personalities and most often people start making changes and try to become like someone else and tend to drift away from their true personality! 

During such times, we as friends need to make them feel comfortable about their personality, thought they might not be appreciated by others, but you need to start appreciating their true identity, let them know how beautiful it is to be in their true identity and that is what sets them apart from others!  

Pampare them with loads of love and affection

Pamper them with love and affection

After making them feel beautiful and confident about themselves, now it's time to make them feel special. Everybody has different ways to make others feel special, one way could be pampering them with chocolates, food, shopping, sight-seeing etc. 

Apart from the physical gifts you can also make them feel special with your love, affection, care and support. Love them always, love them for their true selves, love them for the way they are! Show them affection by listening to them, by asking them how their day was, show them your affection by telling them how lucky you are to have them in your life! 

Show your caring nature by being with them or asking them how they are doing in their respective college or career. Ask them if they need you to talk about their problems though you might not be able to come up with a solution but listen to them! And last but not the least, show your support, there will be times when nobody will support their decision, be it their family, relatives, colleagues, other friends, but you show your support and motivate them which will make them feel confident about the decisions which they are taking! 

True friends will be always there in your good and darkest hours 

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