10 easy ways to replenish skin's moisture levels

10 easy ways to replenish skin's moisture levels

Moisture is a must when it comes to skincare and to maintain the overall health of your skin. It is an essential component that keeps our skin cells hydrated and healthy from within. While we think we take care of our skin every day, but there are still some steps that we practice which leads to dryness and dullness of skin.

How then, do we re-instill moisture in our skin? Here are 10 ways to replenish moisture in your skin. Easy yet effective and we are sure some of these steps are being followed by you already!


A woman drinking a glass of water

The wonder of water is immense. Considered to be extremely healthy for our skin, water helps us stay hydrated and healthy throughout the day. The topmost way to bring back that lost moisture in our skin is to drink adequate amount of water. Although we prefer to use many products, water is a natural remedy that not only helps our skin to bring back the moisture, but also keeps our metabolism healthy.

The wonder of water is that it keeps the skin cells hydrated thereby reducing skin dryness. Thus, drinking water at regular intervals will surely replenish the lost moisture in your skin and also help you to look fit and fresh!


A woman in a bath tub

While drinking water is recommended, exposing your skin to water for long hours is not really the best way to keep your skin moist. This is because excess exposure to water makes our skin dry and washes away the moisture on a large scale. The solution to this problem is very simple. One can cut short the time they spend while bathing. 

As experts suggest, one should bathe for no longer than 5 minutes in a day. Thus, if you are exceeding the standard time limit (leaving out the act of washing of hair which really takes some time), then do the needful and help your skin against losing moisture rapidly. 


A woman in a bathrobe applying a scrub on her skin

Other than following the above-mentioned steps, the instillation of moisture can also be increased by exfoliating your skin. Usually, the dead cells form a layer on our skin which blocks the fresh skin layer from doing its work. In order to remove these dead cells, one needs to apply scrub to their skin which helps in exfoliating and eroding the dead cells. 

Scrubbing also helps to increase respiration in the skin that allows more moisture to penetrate deep into our skin. One can use any exfoliating scrub that is organic in nature and does not have any harsh ingredients included in its composition. Take note that exfoliating once a week is enough for your skin to for better absorption of moisture. 


To re-instill moisture in your skin, one has to moisturize!
Choose a skin-appropriate body moisture to swear by. This involves looking for some effective moisturizers that will help you to stay moisturized. Make sure that your moisturizer has these elements in it :

  • Humectant (absorbs water)
  • Occlusive (traps moisture)
  • Emollient (makes your skin soft)


    One should apply moisturizer twice a day in order to keep the body moisturized. Deteriorating moisture levels in your skin have been found due to the absence of adequate application of moisturizer. Henceforth, one should never walk away from a moisturizer and keep moisturizing throughout the day for best results.
    Go for a moisturizer which keeps your skin hydrated for quite a long time. 


    Yet it is also important that one should not moisturize excessively. Perhaps one should moisturize moderately according to their skin type and the absorption capability of their skin. 


    Green leaves of Aloe Vera

    Skincare products are all we need today. Yet there is some mystery in home remedies that also work wonders! Hunt for home remedies (which are safe) that will help to keep your skin cells moisturized and stay hydrated. One best home remedy to ward off dry skin is applying aloe gel, you can top it off with a face oil to trap the moisture in your skin.

    While home remedies are easily available, we recommend you to do a patch test before applying any products on your skin and see how your skin reacts. 


    A woman with a scrubber in one hand and the other hand under the tap

    Another very important thing of not letting you lose moisture from your skin is to sweep away the excess soap usage. Too much of washing our hands, using harsh detergents and soap bars for dish washing, etc. can prove harmful and corrosive on your skin.

    Especially our hands are the ones that are deprived of moisture due to excess soap usage and constant exposure to soapy substances. It is advised to reduce soap usage so that the moisture levels stay balanced in your skin and doesn't get dry too fast. 


    A woman applying a mask on her skin

    Although one should follow a skincare routine for moisturizing their skin throughout the day, there is no other time like bedtime. When we end our day and sleep in our beds, we let our body relax. For a span of 7-8 hours, we let our skin breathe and stay untouched or undisturbed. Perhaps bedtime basics are very essential in order to replenish the moisture levels in our skin.

    Some of the bedtime basics are washing your skin and removing the dirt particles that settle over the day, applying adequate moisturizer throughout the body, and relaxing for the whole night. 


    A display of different skincare products

    Another very serious issue that deprives our skin of moisture is that most of our skincare products include harsh ingredients which hampers our skin health. Say no to products that have harsh ingredients like alcohol, apple cider vinegar or any other corrosive substance that can lead to dryness and dullness of skin. 

    Make sure to go for skincare products which are gentle to your skin and which doesn't strip away excess moisture from your skin.



    Oils are a great source of trapping moisture and keeping your skin soft for long hours. Carrier oils like coconut oil and almond oil are very helpful when you want to retain moisture in your skin. Therefore, adding oils to your skincare routine is the step that you need to get it done right away! 

    Moreover, applying oil to the skin on regular intervals helps the skin to stay moisturized and supple. Make it a point to select only non-comedogenic oils which are also lightweight in nature and gets absorbed effortlessly.

    *One pro-tip for better hydration is applying a face oil after the application of your moisturizer.


    A white netted bag with leeks, bell pepper and some cherry tomatoes

    Another way to add moisture to your skin is to consume adequate amount of hydrating foods that contain a high amount of water. 

    Green leafy vegetables, fruits, and other foods can help your skin to replenish moisture which will also give you a bonus of glowing skin. Some hydrating foods that have a maximum amount of water are cucumbers, melons, tomatoes, capsicums,apples, etc. They are not only helpful in adding moisture to your skin, but also add vital nutrients that are healthy for your metabolism. 

    Well, we know some of you might be already following the above steps! If you are not following then it is no too late to start right away and maintain your skin's health.

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