10 unique ways to line your eyelids with an eyeliner!

10 unique ways to line your eyelids with an eyeliner!

Are you looking out for some unique eyeliner looks for your beautiful eyelids? Are you one of those who likes to experiment with makeup and don't mind trying out 'out of the box' looks? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place!

We bring to you 10 unique ways of using an eyeliner.

Keep your eyeliners ready! 

Simple and doable


Let's start by trying this basic eyeliner look, let's not jump to those difficult eyeliner looks yet!

This eyeliner look demands you to just start from the inner corner of the eyelid to the outer corner of the eye with a line or vice versa, with an eyeliner! 

It might not be easy for some, but they say that practice makes you perfect, so keep on practicing this look till you get it perfect! 

I like to keep it low key! 


There are some makeup fanatics who like drama or like their makeup to do the talking and there are also those who like to keep it subtle and low key. 

If you like to keep your eyeliner look low key, then this look will surely be on the top of your 'eyeliner look' list! 

 I'd love some Geometrical shapes! 


This will be an ideal look for those who like lines or geometry in their eye makeup looks! Look at how neat and clean it looks. 

When I want my eyes covered with only an eyeliner 


Some days when you don't feel like putting on any eye shadow or that eye shimmer, you can just cover your eyes with an eyeliner with this look! 

Look at how incredible this eyeliner look looks without the help of any other eye makeup products.

Let the wings go above 


This eye look looks similar to our ever loved 'winged liner look', the catch while doing this look is that you have to start with a line on your eyelids and when you come to the outer eye space, instead of making a straight wing, take the wing on top, and voila you have this look! 

Dark and Deep


For all those who love heavy eyeliner looks, then this should fascinate you! The main focus is on your upper eyelids, make sure you fill just enough eyeliner on this area to create this dark and deep look! 

Cursive lines? I can give it a try! 


These lines on the eyelids resemble to cursive lines! We might be perfect in drawing cursive lines on a piece of paper, but what about doing it on the eyelids?

If you think you can try this look, give it a shot.

It gets creative and creative


Just look at this eyeliner look! It amazes us how the makeup artist has done it so beautifully, though she also admitted on her caption that this perfect look became perfect after lots of practice! 

It may look easy, but trust me, you need a lot of practice for this look! 

This look will be everybody's goal! 


I know that everybody will put this eyeliner look on their wish list, no matter how hard it seems to look, but I know that the real makeup fanatics will surely try this look.

When you are good with lines


Again, this look will suffice people who like low key makeup looks, and if you liked this liner look then I am sure you won't hesitate to try out this 'line' eyeliner look!

Not just one, but two! 


If you are not satisfied with just one eyeliner look on your eyelids, then try creating another look above it! Just look at this eyeliner look accommodating two looks at one go. 

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